Tenant Left Moldy Fridge

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This seems to be a reoccurring topic for me, so wanted to know how other people deal with it.... The tenant moving out leaves old items in the frig which winds up accumulating mold in the freezer and/or main compartment. I typically have cleaners come in and remove the mold. Then charge the tenant for the cleaning. Is this typical? Does anyone take this to the point of labeling it a health liability issue and completely remove the frig? Any thought greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rafael

@Rafael Norat I would be more aggressive with my pre-move out inspection. Have a strong conversation with the tenant to make sure they understand the condition you expect the unit to be in when they leave.  Are the utilities being cut off for a long period of time without your knowledge?

Originally posted by @Rafael Norat :

Just caught that. Moldy frig!

 Fixed it for you :)  I just had to see what a "Moldy Frog" was :D

Exiting tenants would be charged for refrigerator cleaning in this instance.  I hate cleaning refrigerators (and ranges too!) so I charge big bucks to do so.


Thanks for the replies!

@Bob B. Utilities were on. We do have a good move-in inspection and thorough lease. But I will look into adding prices for such repairs upfront

@JD Martin Thanks! Would make a good band name "Moldy Frog"


@Gail K. thanks!

Mold in a freezer that is on? or do you mean mold and mildew on the gasket? If the later that can be caused by a poor seal. Also if they never clean you will get that. It happens with an empty fridge as well as a full one. Charge them for cleaning. It isnt a health issue such that you would charge them for a fridge, although I advise dont open the fridge in a foreclosure sometimes they can come close.
Having some trouble with this ap. I was gonna say if you really do get moldy food in the freezer compartment when it is on, i havent seen that, it seems you must have a fridge issue or the electric was off.

I always try to be present or have someone else be present during move outs. I was punished once with my entire house smelling of rot.  Within the fridge was heaps of rotten meats and maggots.  I was a moron and spent 7 days trying to purge that fridge clean.  Every single time I'd come back, there'd be more maggots crawling around the bottom door.  I eventually had to toss it.  

Lets just say I make sure someones there for every single tenant move out.  Don't give them their deposit back until the house is back up to the condition it was in before they moved in.   

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