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We are looking to switch platforms for our management company that currently has around 200 units under management. We own several multifamily units but mainly are managing 3rd party SFR and small multi units. Our current software program is Promas which seems to be outdated.

Really looking for something that has a great online platform for both our residents as well as the maintenance techs. After digging into reviews online it seems like Appfolio has very bad reviews regarding customer service, payment issues and overall lacks user friendliness once they close the sale.

I was curious if anyone has suggestions for software programs? The two that stand out so far are either Buildium or Rentec, any input is appreciated.


I use Buildium.  I have no issues with their tenant interface.  It's simple for tenants to log on and easily make a payment or look at their ledger.   I like that I can up charge the 3rd party's service for ACH and credit card payments If I choose too. They have significantly straightened out their payment issues in the past two years.  It used to be a nightmare where ACHs may take 10 days to be returned for insufficient.  Gotten much better now.

I haven't used its maintenance features much for my techs.  We do a lot with pen and paper yet.  I know Builidum has some interesting add-ons for maintenance (i.e. online inspection reports, etc) but I've never taken the time or money to truly consider them.    

I give Buildium a 7 out of 10.  It's not as advanced accounting based as I would like and I'm not a fan of the add-on content. But it's really user friendly and much more intuitive than Yardi ever was. 

@Mitch Rubin
Buildium was originally designed for small-medium size portfolios, say under 100 units. Now they are going after the larger property management portfolios and trying to compete with Appfolio. You really need to compare what ancillary services you use the most - eg online rent collection, ACH payments to vendors/rental owners, tenant screening, e-leases, etc. These are the areas where Buildium/Appfolio are going to be different, and even the price tiers within Buildium are going to be different from each other. I haven't personally used Appfolio, but I had a local PM demo his platform for me at a conference and it looked really slick - definitely more powerful/feature rich than Buildium. I think Appfolio is the go-to choice if you're managing more than 150 units. The biggest complaint I've heard (and experienced myself), is the accounting features of Buildium just aren't capable enough for larger/more complicated property portfolios. 

I personally use Buildium for my small self managed portfolio and like it over all. They continue to raise prices, so I may look take a look at RentecDirect, or even some free options. RentecDirect has really stepped up their game and now be the more competitively priced option compared to Buildium. 

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We use Rentec but are really just starting to scratch the surface on what it can do. It is our goal through 2018 to move all of our accounting over to it also. We only have 26 units but 3 owners are involved and it is great to be able to share all the info too. I would sign up for their newsletter emails or follow them on Facebook where they have almost daily updates of new features or 'how to tips' for different segment of it.

Dan Dietz

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