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Hey i bought some rentals who already have section 8 tenants in them. I️ have noticed the rent is lower than normal and should be increased based on bedrooms etc. Section 8 sent me a form to complete and told me to also send a copy of what I️ sent to the tenant. Couple of questions here.. 1- what should I️ say to the tenant in the letter? 2- if the rent increases from $650 to say $750 will the tenant have to pay increase? Right now I️ am getting $650 and the client pays nothing. On another rental I️ get $490 and the client pays $12. Any advise for section 8 landlords would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You may want to contact your Housing Authority rep and ask them what’s the max rent for a 2-Bedroom voucher in your County/ZIP code. Then, you send a 30-day or 60-day notice to increase rent to your tenant and the HA case worker (depending on your state’s laws). Lastly, HA will adjust the tenant’s portion and HA’s portion, according to your tenant’s income...each tenant will have a different rent split based to their respective incomes...

I did a rent increase and CHA paid the entire increase. They will only pay up to the market rent for the apartment size. If the rent is above market, the tenant has to pay the balance per month.

@Daniel Avery the only thing you should worry about is ensuring the rents are at market rate. Don't worry about what the tenant's split is or why Tenant A pays more than Tenant B.

Figure out a fair market rent, submit the paperwork in accordance with HUD guidelines, and be done with it.

@Nathan G. is correct. This is your only concern...getting rent to market. Nothing else regarding the tenant is relevant. Send out the rent increase notice and let the chips fall.

Worse case you end up finding a better quality tenant able to afford market rents. Either way you make more money, the point of investing long term, after all......Win/Win

Ok guys this is amazing info and you all are very helpful.  The house that I have I bought 4 years ago. She has been in the house for 7. Section 8 pays the full amount of $656. It is a 4 bedroom and the market rent from the website @Sai T. sent me shows mine should be at $1298 for 2017 and $1315 for this year. 

What @Nathan G. and @Thomas S. have said makes total sense. Should I ask for $1315 in my letter to them? 

Here is a copy of what I plan to send to my tenant:




Dear Tenant:

This Notice is to inform you that I am requesting an increase of $1315?? to 

(“Rent”) for the property you lease located at.This

increase will be effective the first day of, 20(“theEffective

Date”). A copy of this request is also being submitted to the  County Housing

(“CHA”) Section 8 Department for approval.Therefore, if approved by the CHA, the new

rent for your Lease Agreement on the Effective Date will be $.

NOTE: This change may also increase your portion of the contract rent under the Section 8 Program.

I am providing you with this Notice at least sixty (60) days in advance of the Effective Date, in accordance with the Section 8 Program regulations.

If you decide to terminate the Lease Agreement, you must provide proper notice to both the CHA Section 8 Department and the owner. When relocating with Section 8 assistance, you should contact your Section 8 Housing Specialist to obtain the necessary forms.

The Lease Agreement, subject to CHA approval, will automatically continue with the change to the Rent, unless it is properly terminated.


CC:  County Housing Authority

The following attachment is what my local housing authoirty requires. I am mainly asking exactly what amount to ask for or how to ask it etc??

Very helpful thread. Thanks guys!

Just coming across this thread.

What happens if the increase is over the normal increase Of ~3%?  I've noticed on that rents for 3 or 4 bedroom homes are lower than the posted market rates on housing authority websites. Are you guys saying to find and place a tenant and then a year later up the rent to the posted market level?  I can see that being a big jump in some situations. Thanks!

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