Do you change term in the lease?

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Hi all, I plan to change or add a provision on my lease ( which I bought from a legal website) But one of my PM informed me the following Modifying the contract terms is considered ‘practicing law’, and is forbidden unless you are a licensed attorney. Can we add an amendment on the lease agreement? I don’t see why not. Could be varies state by state? Thanks

@Liz C. google landlord tenant law for your state. Usually, if two parties sign a contract, it is enforceable by law. As long as your tenant agrees and it doesn't violate landlord tenant law in your state, you should be able to avoid life imprisonment.

Here is a link to what the American Bar association has to say re: practicing law.

The summary is you as a person can perform tasks for yourself, it is only if you advise or receive compensation for writing this that it is practicing law. For example when I go to the County recorder I will hear someone ask the recording clerk "can I just write XXX here" or something else similar. The clerks will respond " I'm sorry I am unable to provide legal advise and can only record what you provide, if you have a question about the documents you should consult an attorney".

So if you write a contract it isn't practicing law, unless you sell or otherwise advise someone else to use your contract.

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