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I own several SFH where tenants are responsible for yard maintenance such as lawn care etc. I am closing on my first Duplex next week and learned that previous landlord is providing yard maintenance and pest control to tenants (part of the rent). Is this typical? Those of you who own duplexes, how do you handle the yard maintenance and pest control services? do you pay for it or tenants take care of it?

Two of my duplexes are set up essentially as twin homes, so each half has their own lawn and driveway. They do their own lawn maintenance.

My 3 others are up/down duplexes. I pay to have the lawn cut.

@Al Pat - tenants are responsible in my situation, but the pre ious owner groomed them for me. Find out what’s common in your area by calling a few places that are available to rent. 

I’m closing on my first duplex next Friday. We will be providing lawn maintenance the first year because there’s no garage or space to store mowers. We do plan to purchase two small storage sheds and two inexpensive mowers and make the tenants responsible after the first year. This will be disclosed to them. The trade off for the tenants will be that they have some outdoor storage space for toys/bikes etc. Seems like a win win. Ours is a side by side duplex with each tenant having their own driveway.

I've lived in a duplex where the landlord provided lawn care. Granted it was really just the front lawn since it was small and shared, back yards were mostly rock and on each tenant. 

One word of caution though, if you going to put it on a tenant to do.... you better have clearly defined standards/expectations. If they are not met, clearly defined penalties and timelines to fix before incurring extra costs. You also better make sure you enforce it... otherwise it's pointless.


I always provide lawn care in a duplex situation. One never takes care like the other side and almost always  becomes a problem 

I appreciate the feedback from everyone. My duplexes are side by side with separate driveways. I am now thinking to continue providing the services and adjust the rent when time comes for renewal. This will ensure that the curb appeal is maintained and property looks uniform. Thank you to all of you.

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