Property Beside a Funeral Home

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Hello! I’ve found a home in a relatively good neighborhood, near the local college. The lot is zoned B-1, which in the area means it supports multi-family, but has a single family house on it currently. I’m looking into the viability of a building a second structure on the back of the lot that would face a back street. Only potential problem is this: the lot borders a funeral home. Has anyone here managed multi units beside funeral homes? Does it attract any different quality of tenants than, say, a multi family a few blocks away? Have there been any unique challenges related to owning a property in this type of location?

Hi Timothy, I've managed a mixed use across the street from a funeral home.  I didn't notice any difference in the tenants based on the proximity to the funeral home.   Not sure the stigma is that large anymore.  What's nice about it is compared to a bar or restaurant, the traffic is never noisy or rambunctious.  Its usually not busy every day and usually not past 6pm.  Since our mixed use didn't have its own parking lot, if the services were large in gathering there may not have been any close street parking for our tenants. But that wasn't very often. I would still purchase a property next to a funeral home compared to any other commercial venture. 

My tip is to be sure any commercial venture near a property (funeral home or not) has adequate parking lot for its own patrons OR that you have your parking with private property signs in place. 

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