Tenant bathroom floor needs to be redone

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I have a tenant (2 adults, 2 children, 1 dog and 1 car). So they have been living in this 3 bedroom 1 bath home for exactly one year. 2 weeks ago the tenant texted me saying they want to renew the lease for another year, so I renewed with a slight increase in rent. As soon as I and renewed the lease the tenant wrote me this long message with all these thing wrong, including drain smells bad(she’s been putting bleach down the drain to kill the odor, the lights in the kitchen and bedroom are flickering(this ones easily fixable) & the bathroom floor is in-caving because of water damage(she suggested a new shower door). I feel like they withheld that information when they signed the lease and now Im in this situation where the floor needs to be possibly replaced in their only bathroom while they are living there. I don’t know why the drain pipes smell, the flickering lights are easily fixable, but this bathroom floor situation has me thinking about what I should I do. Any suggestions on how I should approach this?

First, I would say you need to fix the problem before it gets worse. Second, why are you just now hearing about these problems? When did they notice the problem? Was it a pre-existing problem that has just gotten worse in the past year? The lease I have in place (and I'm sure you're says the same thing) states that the tenants need to report any problems immediately so they don't cause further damage to the property. If this is a new problem that they knew about and didn't inform you I would have a long talk with them. I would  explain to them that by them letting this problem go, they have caused the problem to get worse and the repairs will now be more expensive. I would inform them that you will be charging them X amount to cover part of the repair.

I have a tenant that doesn't want to bother me with stuff. Every time I go over there to do something she tells me "well as long as you're here" and then tells me the stuff that's needs attention. It's never anything big but I keep telling her that I live close by and have no problem coming by to fix things. I would rather hear about a problem asap instead of hearing about something after it causes lots of damage.

How often do you inspect the property? I would make it a point to inspect this property about every 3 months after this situation, if not more often.

Post picture of the bathroom floor..

@Chris A. If it were me I would send my handyman over to fix all this. I like to  keep my properties in good condition and I appreciate a tenant letting me know there are problems so I can get them fixed before they get worse.

I understand it seems to be a timing issue but at least you have a new lease instead of a vacancy. 

As someone else mentioned maybe increase your inspection interval for this property so that maintenance issue don't pile up and blind side you.

I would be worried first about where the leak is rather then the floor. If the floor is " in caving" that is a leak somewhere. The smell could be part of a leak issue. A shower door wont cure it unless the cause is them not using a shower closure. You can troubleshoot repair new subfloor one day, and put vinyl down the next. You can use a bathroom with only a subfloor for a day. While this is stuff she should have brought up sooner, you get some tenants like this. If it keeps up with a litany of complaints suggest she would be happier moving. Right now sounds like she delayed to ensure renewal. Get a plumber to look after you look yourself.

Having 6 kids, our drains will start to stink when the kids are spitting toothpaste down them and then not running the water enough to rinse it out. There can also be something caught in the trap, like hair, that can then catch all of that too and stink. The bleach wouldn't get the hair (or whatever) out. Use some Drano, or else unscrew the trap and see what's in it. Hold your breath, lol!

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