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I am looking to invest in some rental properties in Cleveland OH.  Does anyone have any experience with good property management companies, as well as any agents that are good at working with investment properties?   Any info about good property management would be great.

Welcome to the site @Zachary Morrell I recommend you give The Ultimate Guide to Grading Cleveland Neighborhoods a read. Should really help you get a base for what our market has to offer.

If you have any questions about Cleveland or Landlording post them here on BP. If you want feel free to tag me in the post & I will drop by to offer some advice.

Good luck & I'll see you around the site &/or town.

Welcome to the forums. Willing to always help out new investors in the Cleveland market

@Zachary Morrell Welcome to BP! 

I would pick your manager based on where you buy the property. 

Some management companies are great with certain types of homes and not so great with others. 

I manage in house for a lot of out stuff, When I sell off to investors, some self manage, others need inner city management and for the Burbs I have a different group. 

I have one manager that does a nice job and is only a flat fee of 37.50 per month, which is far less than the standard 10%. 

Let me know If I can help ya. feel free to PM me. 

Good luck!

Hi Rob:  Can you recommend a property management company in the Cleveland area.  I am currently using Allstar.  Thanks

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