What the h*** is that smell?

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I've been a landlord for a few years, but have also done other things in life that brought me into peoples homes. For a long time in some homes I've wondered, what is that foul smell? Its not cigarettes or pets or body odor or mildew or even simply dirty people. The smell is disgusting, and I actually ran outside and puked up my breakfast once. I finally figured it out after all these years and the answer turned out to be obvious, its grease.

Every time I get stuck cleaning the sludge, I envision the tenants and their love of grease. I picture them rubbing it all over their bodies. I picture them taking baths in it. Then I picture them falling over dead from a heart attack. If it sticks to the walls like it does, just think what it does to the inside of a body. No wonder the USA is fat and sick. Yuk.

They say you are what you eat, so some people are Crisco.

Anyone have any tips on how to clean grease? Anyone go so far as to disallow the use of it inside the house? Would it be discriminatory to only rent to vegans? LOL.

Hey Merritt,

I wouldn't have though the smell could have been grease, but now you know and I know, so thank you! That definitely sounds disgusting, I wouldn't be able to hold down my breakfast thinking about them rubbing grease all over themselves, LOL!

I doubt you will be able to ban the use of grease inside your home, since grease is in many different foods. Are you doing your own property management? If so, you can inform your tenants personally about your experience saying you don't want that same issue. If you don't property manage yourself, you might need to increase the strictness of your tenant screening.

That is what I have in mind. For cleaning, if you don't want to do it yourself, there may be a local company that specializes in cleaning built up grease or messes in general.

Thanks Merritt, Best of luck!

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