What problems have you had with handyman/contractors service

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My partner and I are starting a new handyman service. We are offering our services to local individuals with rental properties. Ideas on how we can market and stand out from the crowd? What has been your biggest frustration with handyman services and contractors?


The problem I ran into was somone telling how good this guy was and this guy took 2 months to do a 1 week job. Live and learn now I make a contract up that states I will pay the contractor 50% of the total bill on the first day that he shows up to work. If work is not done by the contractors stated day I deduct $100 dollars a day from the final invoice. I never came to that, now my contractor finishes on time. If not and he has a problem with that let the courts handle it. I believe this is a fare way to go. It your telling somone what your going to do you should do it. Now I have no problems. maybe use that as a statment. "If we don't finish on or before the day we say, you deduct $100 a day work is not finished" That should turn some heads. The problem is that my handyman never calls me back to tell me the job is done. I still owe hime about $400 dollars because he never sent me the invoice yet. It's been a month or 2. I call him about it, who knows what he is thinking. I say if you can do the above get 50% on day one, and accept the penelty for being late, and offer a nice response time for emergency calls you shouldn't have a problem. hope this helps. I also hear things about angies list. not sure how that is. also you might be able to get on your local real estate investment clubs vendor list but you pay for it. call a managment company also.

I had a plumber once that quoted me low then tried to take me for a ride. Same problem once with an air conditioner repair guy. Other than that most of my experiences have been good. To stand out from the rest it's a simple concept. Under promise and Over deliver. But remember...the value of goods and services quickly diminish after the service has been rendered. Be real clear upfront.

Best advice I could give echos DCG's: make sure you always exceed their expectations. Price something in an estimate and do the work for less. Tell someone it takes 3 days to finish and do it in 2. Tell someone you'll get back to them by the weekend and call earlier.

The best way to grow your business is to be good at what you do. Then ask people to recommend your services to others. If you don't ask, they won't think about it. This can be done without being sleazy.

Some companies are positioning themselves in the handyman market in interesting ways. Some are "the cheapest available". I just talked with Mr. Handyman yesterday and they are repositioning themselves as a premier service -- it costs a little more but they are reliable, do top quality work, are fully insured and bonded, etc. Time will tell how successful that strategy is but people are definitely trying to carve out niches. BTW, they're big on franchising out so if you struggle on your own and think a franchise might be a good way to gain instant recognition, you may want to check them out.

Good luck.