Tree roots in sewer pipes - Omaha NE Rental

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Hi Everyone.  I have a duplex here in Omaha that appears to have some root growth in the sewage piping, which is causing a reoccuring clogging issue.  Does anyone have any experience in treating their pipes with a root killer?  Root Kill, RootX, ZEP, or any other product?  Appreciate any feedback and advice!

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I use Foaming-Root-Killer. I drop it off yearly and ask the tenants to poor it down the commode. I started using it when I lived in the home after having a plumber recommend it. I was getting it snaked every 3 to 5 months. Its been 4 years with no issues. 

I've heard some people do it twice a year.  Call a local plumber and ask them. 

The treatments can help keep roots out of a pipe, but if they are already in and clogging the pipe, the only way to remove them is to snake with a root cutting auger.

The treatments help keep the pipe clean(er) afterwards. None will work 100% but are better than nothing.

@Max Fleissner I had this problem and I kept on having to snake out line which cut the roots out.

There is a crack in the sewer line where the roots are getting in.

I eventually just paid $1000 to my hand man to dig up and replace instead of paying $150 to have it snaked every 8 months.

Where is the tree and how much is it to cut it down? I had to replace a main drain last year and it would’ve been easier (and cheaper) to just knock down the tree in the first place.

@Max Fleissner one of my properties in Colorado is that way. I found that using RootX (a foaming treatment) once per year cost something like $75 and reduced snaking to once every 2-3 years. If you can get to the pipe fairly easily it's best to fix the problem instead of the symptoms, but if not I prefer the foaming stuff over the other.

@Max Fleissner so my advise would be to have a video taken of the line after it's cleaned. This will show if the pipe is damaged as well. Damaged pipe, means it's only a matter of time until a snake or foam or whatever is not the answer. It will also locate the break so you know where or if you can make a repair if a new line is required.

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