Nasa Air Scrubber Installation Benefits

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I have installed all new central AC units from this single vendor which I like; for 4 of my properties.  I have a bi-yearly contract with them to maintain the units and they currently have a new policy where they check for mold in the duct work by an intrusive method and they are finding slight mold growth and are recommending this device called Nasa Air Scrubber (~$1200 per unit).  Suppose to last 5 years with 2 year bulb replacement needed (~$300 each).  My properties are about $1200-$1400 avg rent.  Trying to figure out how bad small mold growth can affect tenant health and see if the cost is justifiable.  This test isn't normal for most AC companies according to them since its a bit intrusive and expensive to re-patch the cutting of the duct so most don't do it.  Want to see how legit this issue is and why its not a big concern for other vendors.  Any feedback is appreciated in advance.

Thank you

I have begun using Carbonic Heat in my units and have no more mold issues.  It is Far infrared carbon fiber that heats from under the floor.  There is no dust, no moisture (so no mold), and no noise because it does not need a fan to move the heat. My tenants love it.  But, then, I do not live in an area that needs Air conditioning in the summer.  I have been hearing from my tenants that the cost for heating has gone down considerably...this product has only been installed for 3 months in several of my units, but we are very happy with the heat and comfort and no maintenance issues with this under floor heating.  I have put it under the carpets for now and when I redo bathroom and kitchen floors, I will put it in the traffic areas under new tile floors or maybe engineered wood..not sure yet.  

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