What Tenant Screening service do you use?????

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Sorry to ask this question like so many other people have already done, and I have searched the forums for answers and i get such mixed and older responses. What Tenant Screen Service do you use or recommend?

Long story short, I had a tenant lined up, and we were going to do the lease signing this Saturday, and he calls me Wednesday to notify me he was let go from his employer. I did call his employer to verify. Now I have to refill the vacancy.   I used the SmartMove here on Biggerpockets for that screening, but I'm not happy with it. I'm dealing with a "C" class neighborhood and just need a screening process that I punch in their information and I get the results, of course with me collecting an application fee. With Smartmove the tenant needs to do another online application, and I'm already having them fill a paper application out, which seems like to much to a lot of tire kickers.  I re-posted my vacant unit and have had more interest then I thought, with some already good phone conversations, so I decided to do an open house this weekend, So I need to find a new screening service ASAP. Thank you in advance.

I use Cozy.....but if you weren't happy with Smartmove, you many not like Cozy either....kind of same concept....everything is filled out online by the tenant unless you want to input all the data and collect the fee etc

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