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1.) what do you do with tenants requesting every little thing fixed? Even stuff that was not aesthetically pleasing when she looked at the property but now wants it fixed? 2.) how prompt should property management be? At what point should we be concerned they aren’t meeting our tenants and our needs?

I think there is a balance and/or threshold on what requests are granted and what are not granted. I think setting this balance/threshold also establishes expectations and boundaries for the tenant. Some are much more needy/demanding than others. They might complain about something small and unimportant, and when they find that the landlord responds and "fixes" the issue quickly, they keep the requests coming, and that can become quite the waste of your money, time, and resources.

A property manager/landlord should respond quickly/immediately for true emergencies and up to a few days for unimportant requests. Are you concerned about your current PM? Could you go into more detail?

Well the tenant put in a request 6 days ago and has not heard back from the property management. She has been hounding the agent that placed her in the property who has then been hounding me. She has a laundry list of thing she wants done, some are somewhat urgent and some I don’t think even need fixed. I talked to property management on Wednesday and they said they are handling it but it doesn’t seem to be that way. So just wondering if others experiences are similar with their property management.

The issues you believe are urgent obviously need to be addressed.  If there is a "laundry list"  of issues from a tenant one sometimes reaches a point where the "Happy Clause" must be considered.



Some people are just maintenance monsters!!! I firmly, but nicely tell them that these items xxxx will be repaired, but these items xxxx will not and they are noted with photos in your move in condition report, and you are not liable for those items, but thank you for letting us know! Done end of story

This is really a good question.  On the one hand, you want the Tenants to be happy, but on the other hand, you don't want to go down the rabbit hole of useless repairs.

My suggestion would be to get the "wish list" of items that the Tenant would like fixed and evaluate every 6-12 months.  Items that require immediate repair, obviously need to be done as needed (our fridge doesn't cool, the AC is blowing hot, etc), but the ticky tacky things can wait (the door handle is jiggling, the carpets need to be stretched, etc).  

For that annual or semi-annual "wish list" review, you will want to do all of the things that benefit you for the proper maintenance of the property, and maybe pick 1 or 2 of their wish list items to appease them.

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