Where can i find a spanish application and lease?? help

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hello! I have a few prospective tenants but they are Spanish speaking only.  I would like to know your experience with this and how to help secure this tenant when you have a language barrier.  I am also having a hard time finding Spanish applications and leases for my Spanish speaking individuals. 

Thanks a lot. 

find a spanish speaking real estate agent. they often have access to both english and spanish apps. 



When we first started out we paid a translator to put our agreement into Spanish.  No more.  We ask them to bring a translator to signing and go through the agreement that way.  They either text or call us when rent is ready to pick up, and have others translate when needed.  We communicate with postal letters, they call with a translator after they get it.  It works better to have the burden on them, they have better access to bilinguals.

thx so much Michele!! Great idea!!!!

Have u thought of just using an interpreter?

Now when you have a lease in spanish and you go to court , are you going to be lucky enough to get a Judge that can read spanish ?  Some key points can be lost in translation . 

There is no reason for the landlord to provide a lease in spanish or supply an translator .  English is how things are done in the US . 

if you were renting from a landlord here in the US and he is German , and he hands you a lease in German what would you do ? 

I would think it would be no fun finding out at rent court that what you really did is lease somebody a horse for $6 per year.

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