Crawlspace questions: rodent control and other issues

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Not sure where else to post this, but here goes: 

I recently had a small sewer leak under my apartment building that the pest inspector discovered.  The leak itself has been repaired by the PM's handyman to my satisfaction but the Pest control vendor brought up the following issues:  

1.  He feels the need to do quarterly rodent treatments to the tune of $500 up front, then $125/quarter.  - this sounds like overkill b/c we've only had reports of 1 rodent in 1 unit in the dead of the coldest weather, which was addressed as a one-off issue.  No other tenant complaints.  

2.  Replace two crawlspace doors for $500.  - this in particular sound exorbitant - even if he recut the brick and installed a new door from scratch, this sounds like alot.  

3.  Fungus Treatment and moisture barrier install for the property $2200, plus another $500 quarterly.    My PM has said that he feels there is alot of overselling of fungus protection in the area, so he's not inclined to go through with the work.  I also feel like this is pretty steep for the work to be done, but I don't have a basis for that opinion.  

also on a side note - the sewage leak was repaired, but probably a gallon or two of sewage left in place.  Best way to address this would be Lime?  Cat litter and scoop out?  

The property is located in Norfolk VA if that helps; any and all input is appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.

@Carter Melvin - I will only address what I know. I live in Williamsburg - 40 miles from Norfolk. I pay $90 per quarter for rodent/pest/insect service on my own home, and no money up front. It depends on the size of your appt building, but $500 and $125 would cause me to baulk if your appt building is small.

Do you have rodents? If you did that could make sense depending the infestation extent and type of rodents.( mice, squirrels, racoon, etc. ) squirrels do lots of damage. If you dont have infestation seems like alot to start. Get other quotes. Moisture barrier I would be curious what others say. I have had this advice of a 6 mil plastic barrier in crawl space too. not for fungus but to decrease moisture.

@Cameron Peters Thanks for the input, I've got a conference call with the PM scheduled today to discuss this further.  

@Colleen F. As far as I know there was just one rat spotted once in each building (there are two).  On the smaller building he likely got in b/c someone didn't properly shut the crawlspace door.  On other other building the door had rusted out at the bottom below the grass line, so we didn't know there was a hole until we specifically looked.  It has since been repaired.  Only one tenant ever complained, so I feel like there wasn't an "infestation."  I'm definitely going to get other opinions.  


I recently had a squirrel problem that was taken care of by a local company Cromwell out of Isle if Wight county....a little slow but well satisfied by both price & results. My thought is unless you have year round rodent problem....vermin issues are seasonal and can be handled when they pop up. Service plans are a bit of an over-kill unless you have a class A property.

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