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Our LLC has our first duplex under contract (fully rented). I will be the sole manager / boots on the ground. Since we just have one property looking for suggestions on landlord /management programs for day to day book keeping & screening potential tenants. Any other advice greatly appreciated - thank you!

Hi Jessica, 

For screening tenants, marketing and online application features, feel free to reach out to me directly and I can send you over some recommendations! 

Jessica - we work with Property Management, Inc. in Lincoln and have been very satisfied. I determined that managing a property myself was not where my strengths lie, and have had higher income since hiring this out.  Feel free to DM me with any questions!

If you are looking to self manage, I would look into It's free for landlords, and has tools for screening, marketing and maintenance tracking

Hey Jessica, congrats on your first rental property. That is very exciting. I personally have started using for tenant applications, online rent collection and managing repair requests. And there is no cost to you. They also have a process where your tenant can input their renters insurance before move in or purchase renters insurance through cozy. 

Thanks so much Megan, I think I'm going to go with Cozy!

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