Unique Eviction Question - Indiana

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Alright...Strange situation. I have a friend who wanted to move into a vacant house I had. She moved in, and eventually started paying me rent. There were no lease, no agreements, etc. But she paid and has done so for 2 years. Recently this tenant has been delving into heavy drinking and living a rather unstable lifestyle, has lost job (but got a new one) and not responding to my texts when bills are due. Like an idiot, the bills are in my name as she would normally send me all the bill money and I'd just pay. Yes, I know this is dumb so spare me, but here is the question:

Since there is no lease, can I evict her without following the 30-day Indiana eviction process? What are the laws for non-lease residents? I need her out ASAP. Any information would be appreciated!


From my understanding, if there is no lease , it usually just becomes a month to month tenancy.

That’s usually how I hear it but I am based in NY. I’m not sure if Where you are has any unique rules on that. Consulting an attorney would be your best bet.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

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