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Hello Bp We recently acquired a quadplex and in the closing table, came to know that the seller filed for eviction on one of the tenant as she default the rent payment. We completed the acquisition. Because the previous landlord filed for eviction, she is continuing the process and the court date is mar 6. As new owner, do we need to be there in court ? As a new landlord, should we call the tenant and ask for March rent ?

Your eviction will be dismissed by the court once they are informed that the previous owner no longer owns the property.  Keep in mind, the suit was titled:

Previous Owner vs. The Tenant   

The suit is seeking possession of the property.  The court cannot award possession to someone who is not the owner

You should have the suit dropped and begin again from the start of the process

You need to study your state landlord tenant regulations and ask for a opinion from a legal rep familiar with the codes. To my knowledge the sellers eviction application died the day the property was sold. You are responsible as of March 1st and must file your own eviction.

Begin with the serving of notice (pay or quit) as required in your state codes.

Based on the fact that the previous owner had already filed for eviction I would not waste any time of effort speaking to the tenant. Some may advise to give them a chance, that would be a major mistake that will only cost you time and money. They have already decided they have no intention of paying so you need to move as quickly as possible to evict to prevent losing money.

Get rid of them asap. If they want to stay it is their responsibility to contact you and pay their rent....serve notice immediately.

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