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Is there a good company that will allow me to run a back round check on prospective tenants ?    Is it normal to do a criminal back round check on prospective tenants ?    We have pulled their credit reports and the credit reports say that SSN could not be verified for both the husband and wife.   

I use

It checks criminal, eviction and credit for $26.00

I use for both tenant screening (application, credit and background) and to collect rents... When advertising a property for rent, I link directly to the listing on that site and prospective tenants pay the $40 fee. Regardless of the service / provider or method you use, I would NOT rent to anyone without running both credit and background first, and if SSN does not match, I would deny for that reason.


Thank you John and Jonathan

Hi Joe, 

In addition to the background check, I would also run a credit check and eviction report. Outside of those reports, another great method to screen is to call previous landlords as references and verify their employment by calling a manager/supervisor. 

That isn't a good sign if their SSN isn't verifiable. When my company runs a screening report, the applicant must match their application information in addition to their SSN to what shows on the screening report to ensure it is them. If you can't verify it, I wouldn't waste much more time on that particular applicant. 

Thank you Jenifer 

As soon as the report came back as SSN not verifiable you should have thrown the application in the garbage.

I ran into one issue with a credit check where it wasn’t verifiable. The company (Cozy) asked for a picture of the tenants driver license. Once they had that, it came back with no issues. (With the details that matched their rental application).

That was my only experience. I know it wasn’t falsified - but I’m sure that happens too. If they seem to be a good tenant, reach out to the credit check people to get more info.

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