All-brick paver backyard patio???

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I own a small town-house that has a tiny backyard. It's probably less than 300 sq. feet...And it's currently a mess of weeds and grass. Would it be worth it to simply have a crew come in and make the entire back yard into a small brick patio? It seems like this would solve the issue of maintaining a yard, but will folks enjoy that, or will that be a waste of money?

Also, I'm in the south, so I'm also concerned that doing so would make the backyard even hotter in the hot summers and less attractive to spend time outside.  Thoughts???

I think each tenant would have a different opinion.  I would do what is best for you.  Maybe line the edges with flowers/shrubs to not make it feel like a prison yard but pavers can be quite nice.

Do you allow pets in this rental? If so, I would probably try and repair the grass in that area since pet owners like a spot of grass for their pets. How much do you estimate the brick to be? 

I'm thinking about $1,500 for the pavers if I have a professional crew install it. I do allow pets as of now, but I'm also taking it from a Furnished Rental, to an empty Rental...and I'm trying to do some small value adds/updates while I'm doing this. I like the idea of lining the fence with some sort of shrubs and mulch.

Agree with @Russ Draper pavers plus a green patch for flowers or a garden.  If it is currently a mess a weeds and grass that means there is a maintenance issue.  High grass and weeds can lead to fines.

I believe you’d find it less costly to rip up the yard and install a new sod lawn rather than install pavers. Albeit, the grass will require regular maintenance but it is a quick inexpensive fix.

Great Feedback everybody. Thanks for your thoughts and helping me think it through!

Since it’s your rental business can’t you deduct new landscaping pavers from your expenses? Check with your CPA but I believe you could as it’s considered improvements. Then write off the expenses against your rental income.

I’m remodeling my primary residence and am renting out rooms and possibly the whole house. Keep those receipts!

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