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Will Air BnB allow a property owner to utilize someone else to handle almost all aspects of their Air BnB account while sending the funds to the property owner's account? For example, a property owner lists the basement of their property on Air BnB. The property owner puts their tenant's picture in the Air BnB profile because the tenant will be the person interacting with Air BnB guests. Will Air BnB still send funds to the property owner's account in this situation?

Airbnb has a good help desk for hosts. I would ask them.

It really doesn’t matter whose picture is on the property profile page. You will upload your license to validate your identity and account. My Airbnb listing has a picture of my entire family on it. You should list your tenant as a “co-host,” which you can grant/restrict booking inquiries to them. This way your guests can at least put a face to a name before their arrival.

What you are doing is like having a property manager, it is just that in your case it sounds like the property manager is your tenant.

AirBNB will send the funds to whatever bank account you have listed in the payout preferences section of the profile that owns the listing.

Yes Air BNB will send the fund's to any account you tell them. There are many companies that will handle the Air BnB management for an owner and online there are several individuals that advertise the same service. An owner can have someone else handle everything and just have the money go straight into the owners account. 

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