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A property management company that I've been using for almost three years has decided to focus on residential sales, so they're selling off their property management arm to Renters Warehouse. They notified us via email on Feb. 28th that Renters Warehouse would take over management of my property on Mar. 27th.

I have another company that I've already vetted myself and would rather use, so I'm planning to instead switch to that company. However, when I reached out to my original PM about this, I was told that I'd have to give 60-days written notice. Obviously, I don't want to transition management twice in two months. Any idea whether that notice requirement is even enforceable if they are exiting the property management business? My thought is no... especially since they didn't even give me a full 30-day notice of the management change... but I'm interested to hear from other investors.


@Megan Greathouse you need to read the terms of your management agreement. It sounds like your account is being sold to Renters Warehouse so technically your account will belong to them once the transition occurs so the terms of your agreement will be key in how you terminate. Doesn't matter that the company is no longer doing management, a contract is a contract and generally all contracts are assignable (can be sold) absent express language to the contrary in the agreement itself.


Why don’t you give the new company a try instead if immediately switching, who knows, you may like their service structure even better

Are you with WC?  I'm so upset they are selling. Who are you thinking of going with? Have you heard anything good/bad about Renters Warehouse? @Megan Greathouse

@Anuj Anand ... yes. I'm bummed about it too. Have you reached out to Renters Warehouse yet? I need to call them.

I haven't yet.  I've heard they are going to open an office in Chesterfield. They will be managing 6 of my properties. I hope they are good. Are you looking to make a move or stay with them. I was looking to buy more properties because WC made it so easy and was so good and managing. I hope i can continue investing. @Megan Greathouse

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