Do you seal your laminate flooring?

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Do you seal laminate floors in your rentals?

I placed a bid on a house today that has some relatively new laminate flooring. There are even a few left over boxes of laminate in the laundry room. Unfortunately it looks like someone wet mopped the floor and the edges of the laminate appear to have swelled slightly. I'm considering sealing it but I've read some blogs that say it will just fade and flake off.

@Thomas Robb I have never heard of sealing laminate. I dont even think there is such a product. The cheaper older laminate is horrible and doesnt last. If you go that route uses a little better product. It will cost more but you will get a better product and it will last longer and is still cost effective.

I've laid laminate in a lot of houses but have never done that.  I can't imagine how a sealant could waterproof joints that move, expand and contract. 

@Alex Deacon
Agreed. I've never heard of sealing laminate

99.9% sure you can not seal plastic laminate flooring. If you try it, you will very likely create a different type of problem....gunk up your floor. Sometimes the seams will dry out and lay flatter. If you decide to replace it, you may want to consider vinyl, the new solid core stuff is nice.

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