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We have 11 properties right now and it is starting to get a little complicated keeping track of leases and maintenance.  I'd like to change our ways before we become overwhelmed by spreadsheets since we are planning to buy additional properties.  Anybody use property management software that they love?  Thanks for sharing!

Have you looked into Appfolio?

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This post has been removed.

I've used Appfolio and Cozy, then tried Roof a few months ago and within a week had switched my whole portfolio over. Haven't looked back.

It's my favorite so far if only because the interface is beautiful (magnitudes easier to use than Appfolio), but the customer support is also really solid and there's a great mobile app.

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@Davina Kraeger , I'm not sure if I can post links here so I'll say that you can find the Roof website if you Google Search for

You can check out Cozy, Yardi and PropertyZar. Yardi has a lite package for small portfolios. The bigger package is too expensive. I use PropertyZar. Appfolio and Buildium were a little pricey for my size portfolio.

I recommend using Yardi Genesis 2. I am a developmental controller and I have used Yardi Voyager for most of my career. Genesis 2 is very similar to Voyager and it's roughly 4-5 times less.

To give you an insight: I am overseeing 17 rentals (residential), 10 developmental (ground-up), and a handful of potential deals.

So Genesis 2 is a great alternative

My 2 cents.

@Benjamin Hart thanks for the info on Roof. I'm managing only 2 properties, but doing one of them long distance so software might really ease things up for me.

For those that have made the jump to software: At what point did you transition from the spreadsheet jungle into the world of software? What aspects made the biggest difference, what aspects were the biggest initial hurdles/pain points?

I'm going to check out Roof I think!  The interface reminds me a lot of Airbnb a lot-which I love.  Also, we have both short-term and long-term properties so I am wondering if it might be a good fit for both!

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