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Good afternoon BP, my name is Leah and I’m new to the BP world. I started working in property management, not too long ago because I’ve seen and heard some horror stories when it came to property management companies. I absolutely love real estate in general and thought this would be a great place to network with people of like minds or even people looking for property management. I am absolutely addicted to BP and hope to expand into different areas of the real estate world once I get where I want to be managing properties.

Leah, welcome to BP and hope you enjoy PM'ing.  My experience has shown a shortage of quality property managers, so you should be successful if you keep owners perspective at the forefront.

Hi @Leah Harrod

Welcome to the BP community! 

I worked for multiple multi family property management companies for 15 years. My last position was a property manager. 

There are pros and cons to property management companies but there are absolutely great opportunities with the right management company. Find your lane and shine bright. 

The experience and the knowledge that you will learn will be valuable to your future career moves. It did for me now I have started my own real estate investment company. If I can be of any help please feel free to PM me.

Much success to you! 

Thank you for the warm welcome! I know how frustrating it can be to have a bad property manager, it was the main reason I wanted to get into managing. I’m excited to see where I can go with it!

Welcome to BP @Leah Harrod

I heard the same horror stories when i started out as a LL, and was weighing whether or not I wanted to hire a PM. I decided instead to save the $ and create organized systems that help alleviate some of the more tedious work that comes along with managing the properties myself. 

Definitely try to create systems that fit and elevate your personal management style to help take some of the burden off, this way you can focus more on expanding your business and acquiring more properties you can manage.

I'll send you an invite to connect, let me know if I can be of any help!

Wish you success in all your endeavors

Thank you Christopher! I appreciate the advice

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