Once properties transfer to an LLC how to communicate with tenant

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Hello BPer's, 

I need your help! I just transferred my homes from my personal name to my LLC. I live in Ohio and Ohio does not track owners on the SOS website. My LLC is registered via a 3rd party and my name is not anywhere on the articles of incorporation (as I am trying to keep some privacy but also have that wall between tenants).

With this being said, after you transfer your LLCs from your personal name to an LLC, I understand you cannot change the terms of the existing tenants lease, however, is there some sort of short and simple communication I can give the tenants letting them know that the home has transferred ownership and that their lease agreement held up and house under XYZ LLC?


You can absolutely transfer the lease from yourself personally to your LLC. This doesn't change the terms of the lease at all for the tenants. This happens every time a rental property sells to a new owner. Simply send a letter to the tenants stating who and where to make payment to and life moves on.

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Derek Dombeck

@Gill Winslow Based on your post I am guessing you don't want your tenants to know you are still the owner. Here is what I use as the start of my letter for management changes:

I am proud to announce that your landlord has contracted with Olszak Realty Inc. to provide Property Management services for your unit. Your current lease and payment terms will remain in effect. Going forward, all payments, maintenance requests, and correspondence should be sent to the address listed at the top of this letter.

And then below that it lists other payment methods, how to submit maintenance requests, etc. For a change in ownership, simply change that first part to:

I am proud to announce that ownership of 123 Main Street has been transferred to 123 Main Street LLC as of 03/18/2018.

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