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Hello BP,

I have a rental property in NJ. The lease end 31 March and I have notified the tenants we are not renewing. Now the tenants refuse to communicate to schedule move out walk through. 

Now I am thinking they are not planning to move out at all or either damage property before leaving.

What recourse do I have? I don’t think I can evict since the lease is over and we are not going to be under a new lease. Do I just file a trespassing complaint with sheriff to force them out.

I would appreciate anyone with experience provide advice.


First step is to issue a 24 hr notice to inspect. You have the right to enter regardless of whether they are present or not. Take a witness with you and a movie camera.

Make sure you know your state codes.

Assuming they remaine past th eend of their lease you will then file a eviction. Again it is necessary you know your state codes or hire a experienced eviction lawyer.

Does your state require a joint move out inspection?  If not, don't sweat that and do it solo.  Keep offering, but I prefer they are not there so I can take my time.

Have you sent them a move out letter?  In order to get your deposit back do this, don't forget to, blah blah.  This is a good reminder for them that move out is approaching and they have some money they could earn back for good behavior.

Unless you have some concrete facts that they aren't moving, try not to stress and just wait.  That is my worst part of landlording, waiting and hoping, but try not to assume the worst.

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