Denying a Tenant's Application

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Hi all,

Well the house is renovated and listed for rent!  And we've gotten some "interesting" enquiries!  But we also got a tenant application who I have to deny.  Here is the scenario and I would appreciate any advice on how to word this denial.   The tenants are siblings and they do not make enough individually to afford the rental.  They do make enough together to afford it.  The first sibling had a great background check and no issues.  Unfortunately, the second sibling has an eviction on their background check record and also a misdemeanor driving with a suspended driver's license.  A recent one at that.  (I am a little confused at why they went forward with paying for the background checks when they knew we were going to check.)  

Anyways, we can't go forward with the rental agreement due to that eviction record.  How do I explain this?  I feel bad for the first sibling who seems to be a straight shooter.  But I also don't want them to be stuck in a lease they can't afford when the other one decides to "wig out on them".

Any help in letting the first sibling down gently would be appreciated.

"We regret to inform you that your application has been denied."

Separate your emotions from th eprocess.

You never provide any explanation or reasons for rejecting applications. Unless your state landlord tennat regulation instruct otherwise it is not a applicants right to know. If they call and demand to know your tell them you do not provide that information to applicants due to privacy reasons. Releasing the information may negatively impact other applicants.

Deny them and move on. As someone else posted, take the emotion out of it. It’s a business decision and they don’t meet your criteria. Don’t spend another minute worrying about it.

Kristin it is human to have feelings but for this process you will have to set them aside, this is strictly business. Never compromise with tenants. I helps too if you are 'not the owner' be the property manager instead. My wife manages most of our properties, some tenants and applicants may assume she is the owner; but that is where it ends.

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