tenant subletting on airbnb

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I was browsing airbnb to try and find our what I could charge for a new house. Imagine my surprise when I discover my house is listed.  I have sent her a communication through airbnb reminding her that subletting is a violation of the lease but for some reason I cant sign up for an airbnb account. After that I'm not sure what else I should do. She has been a model tenant other than this.

Thomas Robb
Why not send them a regular communication ?
I would call the tenant and let them know it is strictly prohibited and if it is not taken down immediately I would file notice to vacate.


If you have no subletting in your lease, she is in violation and send a certified letter and regular mail per the states statues regarding violations. Take a screen shot of your home as well

The listing has been pulled and I got some valuable first hand information from my tenant about occupancy rates, who the tenants are and length of stay.

Make sure she understands that sub letting is a violation of her lease and if she does it again she will be evicted. You must be crystal clear that she is required to adhere to her lease and that she has received her one and only warning.

Sent this to her in writing and keep it in your tenant files.

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