Tenant Guests- yes or no?

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Hello everyone. I am relatively new and started renting out to family and friends. Now, I will start marketing to strangers and was curious about how to deal with tenant’s guests. The upstairs bedrooms will all be rented out and my wife and I will live downstairs. For safety’s sake is it best just to say no guests or should renter’s be allowed to have a guest with advanced notice? Thanks for your advice :)

@Joe Nam Do

Are you house hacking a room in your primary residence?

I don't recommend attempting to put a ban on your tenant bringing guests over.  Even asking them to provide advance notice seems a bit invasive.  You have to look at it from the lens that your rental room is your tenants home.  Not allowing them to bring friends or significant others over OR making them ask for permission is ridiculous.  If it is a privacy thing that you and your wife don't want strangers over, then don't rent that room out or just continue renting it to family and friends.

If you are worried about your safety when your tenant brings guests over, you might want to reevaluate how you screen tenants.

Thanks Sean for the reply. Yes, we are house hacking. It helps in many respects with local Baltimore regulation/taxes since it's owner occupied. I'm not too concerned about my safety because I have recourse with the tenants. 

My primary concern is how the tenants get along and how they feel. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs and each one would be rented to a different person. I'm just worried that if for example, one person brings over a boyfriend/girlfriend or guests, then the other tenants may not like sharing the bathroom and having more strangers around. I have rented from others most of my life and didn't like it when outside guests came over too often. We're still figuring things out obviously and will make a lot of mistakes along the way. Thanks again for your advice.

I used to rent rooms out and never had issues with guests. If a roommate had been bringing over a friend too often where it became invasive to me, then I would simply have a talk with the roommate.

I would suggest that you only do month-to-month leases when renting rooms in your own home. That way if you do not like how things are meshing, you can ask them to leave. Before I did month-to-month leases with roommates, I had one that was fine when it came to paying rent and being a generally good person, but he was too dirty for my liking. I felt I was always cleaning up after him. But I was legally committed to him for another 6 months before the lease ended because I had a year lease. If it was month-to-month, I could have just given him the 30-day notice immediately after realizing he just wasn't going to be clean.

Personally I would have a restriction on guests, especially overnight guests, if renting rooms.  

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