Amazing (in a bad way) TV show about landlording in the UK

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If you have Netflix, check out "Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords".  It's amazing, and not in a good way.  It reminds me of some of the eviction horror stories I've heard about in extremely pro-tenant jurisdictions like NYC.

Did you know that squatting in a commercial property isn't a crime in the UK?  It's a civil matter. So imagine you catch pseudo-communist millennials in fatigues and backpacks moving there stuff into your office and you call the police...sorry, nothing they can do for you, you have spend months and thousands of dollars to get them out.  

It's frustrating to watch, but informative too.  A lot of the worst ones start with "I kept giving them more chances and they keep giving me excuses and promises to pay." Lesson learned...start eviction right away! 

What I see is bad landlords who are not doing credit and background checks and then wondering why they have issues.  AND bad landlords that are getting emotionally involved in their business.

Awesome show- required viewing if you are scraping together funds to by and rents a SFH. A tremendous amount of bad decisions by first time landlords- more often then not renting out a prior home.

I am so relieved when many decide to sell the property after they finally get a tenant out. They are not cut out for it.

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