car on property/ 3 adults listed on lease

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Hello everyone. Hope all is well.

I have 3 adults listed on a lease. When I leased to them we agreed that 1 person would be the main point of contact.  One of the tenants has a car parked in the driveway at perpendicular angle to the driveway (not parked correctly).  Each month the car is in the same spot and judging from the distance it is to the house (about 1 foot away), I doubt the tenant is moving/ parking it like that daily. It is a vehicle they listed on the application.

I sent them a violation letter to have the stalled, non-working, unused car removed.  The main point of contact stated that it in fact works and belongs to another of the adults listed on the lease and gave me his phone number to discuss it him.  I think if it is parked correctly and works that is fine for me. 

1) The lease just states that all vehicles should be parked properly. 

2) I don't want to start having individual conversations or should I?

What advice, consideration do you guys suggest here? 

Shouldn't the violation letter of been for an illegally parked car...?

@Matt K. , probably. I sent a violation of rental maintenance and listed it there as a unused/stalled/non-working. I figured it was not working since it never moves from there. I didn't list it as improper parking, but in hindsight maybe that is most appropriate. 

I get why you did it, but the point is it's now been fixed. They've established it works and now that notice has been resolved.

Take picture of how it's parked and send a new notice letter explaining the current violation. Depending on the lease go from there be it revoked parking privilege or towed or whatever is covered. You'd probably have a easy time if you'd just ask them to park it correctly and then gave then the reason why (you're blocking whatver ).... 

In my opinion, it sounds like the easiest way to remedy this situation is to give the tenant whom owns the car a call. Explain how you would appreciate it being parked correctly, and that neighbors have mentioned it remains in an incorrect position. If you have a good relationship and they are respectable tenants, it shouldn't be an issue.

Is the car parked "incorrectly" because it is blocking access to another driveway or the street? Even though your lease states that cars must be parked correctly, it may be difficult to define that if there is no obstruction and no lines are painted.

Does your lease have a provision where the LL can change paring designation as needed? If so I would simply send a letter stating all vehicles must be parked correctly within their stalls or as to not impede other vehicles or foot traffic. 

Any vehicles found  in noncompliance will be towed. Make sure you install a no parking sign and a vehicle. It’s code and a tow company number. Contract the service with a tow company 

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