Problem tenant in my first home that I turned in to a rental.

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Hello all, I have been renting my first property for about 5 months now to a section 8 tenant. This property was my personal home for about 5 years and I decided to rent out and test the landlord setting out. The home sitting for 2 months because of hurricane Irma and busy I ended up rushing this individual in. Per her it is 9 ppl that would be in the property and due to rushing her in I tried yo get last minute repairs in which where completed. My first visit my heart sank as I saw random ppl within my home as well as the smell of marijuana (no smoking was stipulated in contract. Than after they blew a fuse in my electrical box downing power on one side of the house. (Repaired) Now the last issue was a newer Samsung slide in stove that I bought for 1600 1.5 years old I had service company from warranty company come out and state due to abuse it was filled with roaches and that the circuit board blew he than declined to fix and he said the house was being abused. I than had a second company come out and they replaced the board to no avail they then said it was another board and yet again it would not work so they suggested I get a new stove. Which kills me as I know the stove was brand new. Also I have on the contract pest control as needed which I never did not have one prior to renting only occasional water bugs and a small issue that was corrected immediately. Now I am paying 525 for a fogging in the home as well as having to replace the stove as well. The worst part was. Having the service/pest control people say I had around 17 ppl living in the home. I would love to know how some of my fellow landlords would handle?? I am in Broward County florida and would appreciate some feedback. Thank you

If it is a Section 8 tenant, you should call your Section 8 representative, explain the situation, and file a complaint.  They will inform you on what to do next.

I'm not sure about FL, but in NC, Section 8 holds the tenants to a very tight list of responsibilities.  This includes maintaining the home in a good condition and no extra people living there. among many other stipulations.  The list is several pages long and basically protects the landlord at every turn.

Hello Moises,

Sorry to hear about your property and the destruction they have caused.  I recommend contacting the section housing counselor they reported through and make a complaint.  From my experience, the tenants have follow the rules set forth by the housing department and the if they have complaints filed against them they can lose their voucher.  Hopefully you received a good size deposit prior to occupancy?  

In addition to the above advice about contacting the housing administration, I also suggest you start looking for lawyers. At least one of those 17 people is going to refuse to leave, and you should not under any circumstances try to evict them yourself. You will waste time and money, since you have already shown you are not ready to be a landlord.

In the future, you can bill back damage that is tenant caused, like abuse to the stove. I suggest you spend some time reading through these forums and your local landlord tenant laws before you end up in a worse situation.

Now that you have tested out the landlord thing without success after you evict will you be selling.

@Moises Acosta III I'm going to side with everyone else and say you need to start by contacting the housing authority to report these issues. First, the tenant can be hammered if they have any unauthorized people living in the home. If this were a single mom with four kids but there are nine people living there, that's a major violation and she would lose her assistance. Housing can also inspect the unit for health hazards like cockroaches, marijuana, etc.

Personally, I would tell Housing that you want these tenants out because they are destroying your home. If housing is unable to do anything, hire an attorney and get them out as soon as possible, period.

As @Thomas S. pointed out, you should consider selling this home or giving it to a professional property manager that can get things back on track and put money in your pocket. I don't mean to insult you but it sounds like you're not cut out for managing rentals.

I knew there could be some downfalls in the rentals aspect of real estate so I am definitely just starting off. I take it personal as it is a very nice home that I worked on myself. I possibly will list the property and sell as I have a juce amount of equity to cash out on and prefer to possibly go the route of flipping but let’s see.

I won’t count me out just yet as I will adjust accordingly. I will contact the supervisor from section eight tomorrow morning and file a complaint. As back up I do have an attorney and will discuss with him as well.

Great feedback and I will start the process.

Ty all

You can not take anything in this business regarding tenants personally. That would involve emotions and there is absolutely no place in business for emotions.

Once you get them out I would strongly advise selling and if interested get into flipping. That is a far more satisfying form of real estate investing. No indignent, entitled, irresponsible tenants only happy home buyers.  

I don't accept section 8. I would, if my property, file a notice of non-compliance with a notice to cure or vacate. That can be posted on the door. Take a picture of it at posting. Then contact the section 8 overseers, and notify them of your intentions to evict if the tenants do not comply. How much is the rent, and how much security deposit did you get? Are you in compliance with Chapter 83?

@Moises Acosta III you should take it personal when someone destroys your property. You strike me as a nice, good person and probably believe others are respectful like yourself. 

The first sign of trouble here is section 8, which tells me the individual is not financially responsible. The second sign of trouble is she told you 9 people would be in the property. That many people will place heavy amounts of wear on a property. I am not sure how big the property is, but many cities have occupancy limits based on the number of bedrooms. It is a safety hazard to have too many people in a property. Next sign of trouble is roach infestation which is completely caused by tenant cleanliness issues. Marijuana beyond your lease saying no smoking, is a banned substance so there is evidence of criminal actions. Then when someone tells you 17 people are living in the property, that is beyond crazy. I owned a six plex and there were 13 people living in the entire building. That building had 11 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. How could 17 people live in a house without destroying it (or even 9 for that matter).

Call section 8 if you want to, but what you really need to do if file eviction immediately on multiple causes. Make sure the eviction includes not only lease occupants, but other occupants. There is no workable solution that keeps them in your property. That ship has sailed, so basically Section 8 needs to be told they must leave. Be careful of those sappy social workers who may try to talk you into keeping these tenants. They will NOT change.

I am sorry you are going through this, but you need to understand this is the result of bad decisions, not bad luck. Start making good decisions, which means hire and eviction attorney today.

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