Toledo Lead Safe Ordinance Compliance

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Has anyone had their property tested yet?  How much did it cost?  This is getting expensive to be a Landlord in the city of Toledo!  All because I couldn't sell my house for a fair price when I moved out of town.  SMH!

I would appreciate any input. 

@Renee F. I’vve had 2 of my own done in tier 2. I’m also a lead inspector and have done more than 200 inspections in Toledo. 

Thanks, Andrew!  My property is in south Toledo between Arlington and South Avenues.  I wish you much success in this lawsuit.  My tenants are older (in their 70s) and none of this pertains to them anyhow.

The Federal Court in Ohio already struck down a similar ordinance as unconstitutional.  (google it)  Unfortunately, these municipal registration and testing requirements are like cockroaches.  They keep popping up.   Some are very expensive.

It's just a means for the City of Toledo to make money because they manage their money so inefficiently.  I understand the concern about homes with children but to go so far as to charge the amount of money for the inspections, a "registration" fee and to have to re-do the inspections every 3 years is ridiculous!  Plus, I feel like my property management company has found a way to make money off of this as well. 

I'm so fed up with these companies.  If my tenant(s) need anything, they call me directly.  All that company does is manage the rent and pay the water bill.  It just makes me nervous to go without a management company because I am over 500 miles away.

It’s only every 3 years if the property fails a dust wipe. Otherwise, it’s every 6 years. 

What’s your management company? How many rentals do have?

I only have 1 rental property (the house I lived in for 26 years before I moved to NC).  My current PMC is Buckeye Northwest Realty. 

Even at every 6 years....if the house is maintained, there won't be problem.

@Renee F. I recommend @Adam A. to do your lead inspection.  He’s done some for me, does a great job in explaining.  

@David Hansen thanks David.

If you wait a few more weeks until the result of the lawsuit, you’ll be lucky to find an inspector. Otherwise, landlords will pay high prices for last minute inspections or face $50/day fine. 

@Greg Scott the lawsuit you’re talking about is a completely different kind of ordinance and case.  The city of Portsmouth was inducting inspections without a warrant. Toledo has an administrative warrant in it’s municipal code. 

Also, the city has been working on the lead ordinance for more than 5 years to get it right.

Remember that section 8 rentals are exempted and don’t make the lead inspectors or the city a dime. I signed two new vouchers today for properties, it’s the way I have been complying and helping investors stay compliant regardless of the resolution of the lawsuit. 

I have close to 30 properties on section 8 now and really a new rental is held exclusively for a voucher, they’re rock solid stable investments. 

@Adam A. @Andrew Fidler Hi guys, can you shed some light on the process when an investor first buys a property.  What is the period for inspection etc.  I think a lot of the conversation has been around existing rentals.  However, can you shed some light on how that process works and any time frames associated with that.  

@Stone Jin if the property is in Toledo and occupied now, you have to get it inspected before June 30 2018. Otherwise, you’ll pay $50/day up to $10,000/yr penalty. 

If the property is vacant now or after June 30 2018, you can’t rent or sublease  it unless it’s inspected and passed. 

If you buy it after the deadline, there is NO time frame period to finish it. The fine is triggered when it’s rented. 

If you want to buy it and it’s occupied, the inspection follows as listed above. 

You cannot SELL it while rented after the deadline unless it passes the inspection.

How does the city know if it’s rented?  They’ve a huge database and the water bill in Toledo always stays in the property owner’s name.

The ordinance also stated that owner couldn’t even mortgage the rental unless passed the inspection. However, I personally argued and negotiated with city councilman councils and the health department to omit this condition. I was able to do it through being on the lead task force. The community also amended 4 other of my recommendations.

Hope this helps.

Adam Atassi 

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