House Hack Detached Garage in Florida

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I am looking for property in Lake Worth, Florida. There are a large number of houses here that have in-law suites (guest houses, cottages, etc.) behind them. I am trying to crunch numbers to house hack and found a few houses that are 3/2 that have detached garages behind them. How much on average would it be to convert a 400sqft garage to a livable room with a small kitchen and full bathroom? In this case, I would rent the main house and live in the "tiny home."


Hey Tyler, I live in Lake Worth and it would depend on what is in the back unit.  If you have power and water it wouldn't be too bad.  Of course you will need to tie into the sewer pipe but with easy digging it can be tapped into.  I have done it more than once so it depends on what needs to be done.  You can do a shower and bathroom for under 5000.00  Prices are a bit steep now as I have been looking for my next flip.  Good hunting.  

Thank you very much sir.

You would also need to ensure the HOA or possibly even zoning restrictions would allow this.

Hi Tyler,

Definitely put a call in to your Building Department to make sure you aren't violating any local zoning ordinances. Some towns in Massachusetts would consider this a conversion of a single family to a two-family and would not be allowed in certain districts of certain towns. 

How is your search going @Tyler Lukey

Let me know if you want any help! Love this approach!!!! 

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