Is there a way to lower Service Call Fees?

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I frequently have small plumbing and HVAC repairs at my rental properties. Leaky drain pipe, bad HVAC thermocouple, bad thermostat etc that take less than 30 minutes to fix. Most of the plumbers and HVAC companies charge at least $90 to show up even if it's a 10 minute job.

Are there ways to negotiate lower prices if a certain amount of business is done each month?

I will get one guy to spend time doing deferred maintenance. Replace all TCs, drain water, add chemicals in all toilets to kill roots in the system. Check all circuit breaker. If they fail it is often the coldest night of the year waking up the devil and pay double time for the inconvenience.


Simply ask. I find that working with small local companies you are normally dealing direct with the owners. Pick up the phone and just have an honest conversation. Tell them that if they can help you out with lower basic rates you will reward them with a lot more business. It’s a 2 way street that I find most people are open to.

Also, I try to use my handyman as much as possible. Easy plumbing and electrical issues, basic heating issues. His rates are much lower and I save the complicated items for the pros. Really does safe a ton of money.

These guys aren’t making a killing in service calls. They have to charge it to cover their fixed costs. People can’t work for free...

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