What's "normal" wear and tear?

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Had a tenant in my place for 6 years. Would hand prints on and scuff marks on ceilings and nail holes everywhere for pictures etc be considered normal wear and tear?

He was a relatively good tenant so I don't wanna nickel and dime him. I sorta expected to repaint. but sheesh. why's the ceiling so dirty!? lol

what would I even deduct for that from the security deposit? Or is that just standard wear and tear?

Hey Gene, 

I would consider that normal wear and tear for sure. If it was one of my tenants and they had a good track record of paying on time and never gave me any issues I would not nickel and dime them. I always figure on having to do a little spackle and paint after tenants move out. How the ceiling got dirty is beyond me, I have yet to see that lol. If you feel like you have to deduct something to cover your time and materials, maybe a couple hundred bucks. Hope this helps.

6 years is a long time for one tenant. You say you don't want to nickel and dime him, and you shouldn't.  How much money are we really talking for cleanup?

Give the tenant their deposit back, spruce up your unit, be THANKFUL you had such a good tenant for that long of a stretch, and keep it moving.

After six years I'd only charge for things that are truly broken.

case closed, lock it down!

cool thanks all.

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