Tracking Rental Properties

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Can anyone recommend a good software program to keep track of rental properties?

I've been using Roof which I haven't been able to recommend enough recently. I prefer it for two main reasons:

1. The interface and general usability is EXCELLENT. Much easier to just see the info you need to see (who's paid rent, who hasn't) and find your properties when you need to. If you have more than maybe 20 properties I could see it feeling a bit less organized, but I was told last week some big search and organization features are coming soon.

2. Roof also includes a whole set of features for your tenants to use with their roommates—think splitting expenses, groceries, chores. So my tenants use the app pretty frequently on their own. When it comes time to pay rent, or if I need to contact them, all that is done through the app that they already use. There's even reminders when rent is due. Since I started using it my tenants are paying earlier and responding WAY more promptly to messages, which by itself makes the cost worth it.

Though actually just a few days ago they put out an option to use Roof free by just tacking on a payment fee for your tenants to cover when they pay rent, so you basically have an option to pay yourself or charge your tenants a bit extra.

Bonus:  The Roof mobile app is also among the best I've used.

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