Chicago (Midway Area)

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Hey bp peeps, does anyone actively invests(rentals, flips, wholesale) in the Midway part of Chicago?Or interested in doing so in this area?

(Burbank, Oak lawn, Garfield Ridge, Clearing, Archer Heights, Bedfordpark) and surrounding.

Comment if so,would like to connect!

@Alexander Ramos

Hello sir!

Yes, I'm looking into a couple of properties over there as we speak.

I can't speak much about the rental market because we're looking into the area more so for flips, but there's plenty of value there to make a profit it you buy them right.

Are you wholesaling, or looking to buy there yourself?

@Alexander Ramos of course!! MDW is a great area!! Lived there for 6 years as well. Happy to connect

we just did a flip there few months ago. Intresting area. Don't mind sharing my experiences there. PM if you want to hear about our experience. We did have a good GC on this flip.

@Van Blackman

You are? ok nice!

I believe we have spoke before!

Yes taxes are lower compared to other parts of Chicago. However I agree better for flips.

I have one property as a rental, and have two properties in Burbank coming up for wholesale. Looking for an apartment as short term rental as well.

Sent pm

@Ibn Abney

Interesting! Ive been here for about 3. 

Ok I'm sending a PM!

@Rachel Imhof

Ok cool, sent a pm!

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