Return to Sender for Packages?

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We've had a half-dozen pieces of mail and a small package or two delivered to our vacant rental property.  I believe the person addressed is the last tenant before we purchased the property - we have no information about them other than the name on the address.  We marked the previous mail and packages "Return to Sender - No Longer At Address" and dumped them off at the post office.

Today, there were five packages - four largish ones in the mail box and one Amazon package on the front steps.  Do we keep doing the "Return to Sender" thing or is there anything else we can do?  Is there a way to file a "no longer at this address" form to halt the mail at the post office?

The irony on the Amazon package is that the house is currently boarded up and getting ready for a rehab. No Trespassing signs, dumpster in front yard, etc...  And there was the Amazon package on the front steps.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi, you could contact Amazon and tell them about the situation. Likely, the Amazon package is based on a subscription service and the packages will keep coming until the former tenant cancels them or you let Amazon know so Amazon can cancel them. Their customer service number is (BP isn't letting me list Amazon's customer service number but it can be found with a simple Google search).

As far as the other packages you could contact the post office. If they're not helpful then you could continue with the 'return to sender' or you could either contact the seller and ask for them to contact the former tenant or you could even search for the former tenant on Facebook and tell them they should make the needed changes as well as pick up their packages. 

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