Tenants getting divorced

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So, here is a fun one.

After almost two years of renting our tenants are getting divorced and decided to break their lease. Their contract would have ended the end of June, but the husband moved out the second week of February and the wife the following week.

It looks like the husband just disappeared and we have only been able to contact the wife, who claims to have no knowledge of his whereabouts even though they have two children together.

The wife also seemed to be under the impression that we should be so kind and no longer charge them rent since they moved out and she no longer has the funds to pay the rent.

We put the house back on the market as soon as she left to keep the damage for to a minimum, but we haven’t had any luck finding new renters yet since the market is kind of slow until May or June.

Since March rent was due, we sent her and her husband a reminder to pay the rent.

Well, of course that did not go over well. She came back with a first emotionally plea and then of course the blackmail with accusing us of letting them live in a house with mold and her children getting sick from it and she having to take them to the hospital.

We have always responded to all maintenance complaints in a timely manner and also addressed the rather small mold issue (water leaking through the side of the back door, replaced the whole door).

Now, where do we go from here?

I want to send her to collections after we have a new renter, so we know how much rent would be due. They also left the house a mess, so the security deposit won’t cover the rent.

Can you send both of them to collections for the sane amount?

What would you do? 

I truly feel awful for her, but I also have a family to support.

Thank you.

I'm not sure about collections...but i'd be getting the place ready for showings ASAP. You say rental activity doesn't pick up until May or June...well bro thats about 3 weeks away. Document all your expenses, and worry about collections or missed rents later.

We got the house ready right after the move out, since by law we have to make sure it rents as soon as possible, plus we really want to help their situation as much as we can.

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