What Multi-Family systems do you have in place

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Hey All,

So the question for the day that I have is for all you Multi-Family owners what are some of the best systems you have in place right now that allows you the least amount of headaches, not having to physically be/check in at every property and general misuse of your time from tenants who like to call about the smallest of issues? 

@Cramer Guzaldo

In terms of making sure your properties haven’t burned down or being abused have your attorney write a clause in the lease agreement a “required maintenance” every so often.

You may also want to hire a PTM and require they visit the property via required maintenance agreement clause.

You may also want to consider setting up a Phone System for your tenants to call and leave a voice mail. It may reduce the nuisance calls.

You want to select a phone system that allows you to customize a menu to your liking.


- if this is an Emergency hang up and dial 911

- If you are calling about a mechanical system not working such as A/C, Dishwasher, Plumbing, and etc. Press 1

- If you calling about your account, Press 2

- And so....

Cramer, having your tenants go through a call menu will force them to leave a voicemail and a will time stamp the call. This is the part that may help with reduce the nuisance calls that don’t really lead to a service call. It will also allow you to call back and it will time stamp your call back.

I hope this helps. Best of luck!

I frequent the city of Chicago. I’ll be heading that way in a month. Perhaps we can meet up?

All the best!

I live a few miles from my buildings, which themselves are next to one another, so I am around there.

I welcome messages from my tenants reporting issues. All big issues start out as little issues...

I never answer my phone unless it is a returned call. I do not allow myself to be snipered or surprised.

I use paper... I document everything, it takes less than a couple minutes to type up how a real issue was addressed or if the soon-to-be former tenant was just messing with me I type it into a notice to cease/quit.

I renovate on vacancy. The inherited tenants learned this immediately and it strike a respectful fear that complaining about "not having the nicest" may backfire. But I am also very attentive to their concerns/issues and I have beautified the property and added parking since taking over from a "professional" landlord who sucked a fortune out of the property.

If I had a tenant who is complaining unnecessarily then I would look to terminate their tenancy ASAP. Been there done that- there is a better tenant waiting in the wings.  

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