Best place to post an ad to find tenants/lease replacements?

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Hello everyone. I have a coworker in a sticky situation and I am trying to help him out. For personal reasons he needs to move ASAP which requires him to break the lease on his apartment before the term is done. The housing agency is charging him pretty heavy cancellation fees unless he can find a replacement. He's not very tech savy so I said I could give him a hand by helping him post an ad online to try to find a replacement. I'm still new to BP but a lot of you guys are super creative and I figured I might as well try asking you guys for some advice. I posted an ad on craigslist and on Zillow Rental Manager to try to find a family interested in moving in, but are there any other suggestions on what I could do/where I could post to increase my odds of finding someone willing to take over the lease? 

Local facebook buy/sell/trade groups are a great way to find potential replacements. People can tag their friends that they know are looking. Some ads on my local one have 50 replies/tags within a couple of days.

In addition to Facebook, Craigslist and Zillow. Ads posted on Zillow automatically go out to 8 or so other sites.

Facebook is an excellent idea, thank you! 

And yes John, I posted on Zillow after realizing that's how the system works. 

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