Water Bill Increase nearly 150% in 1 month

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This question is coming from the tenant side of the world but hopefully some of you landlords can give me some insight.  Each month I'm charged for water which is just a number provided on my monthly bill which is taped to my door.  It includes both gallons used and cost.  Between February and March my water usage went down by a few gallons but my bill increased from $58 to $84.  I reached out to the property manager and they told me the city increased the rates on them.  I looked at the city's website and couldn't find anything related to increased water rates, with the last increase being August 2017.  I asked the property manager for documentation on this because a 150% increase doesn't seem normal, they told me they will talk to the owner and maybe get me a copy of the billing.  I feel like the property manager/landlord is trying to pull a fast one on me?  What would you guys do if put in a similar situation?

Hi @Tim Kunz , when I pay utilities for my tenants and then bill them back, I told my PM to always send them a copy of the bill so they know why I am billing them X or Y. Also, where I invest, anybody can go online, enter a property address, and then see the latest water charge for that property.

So, if I were you, first I will check if you can also find out your water usage and cost on your county's website. If not, I will talk to the property manager and tell them that you have an excellent track record of payments, are a great tenant, etc. and that you don't accept a "maybe" when asking for a copy of the billing. Tell them that from now you require to see a copy of the water bill before paying for water. Hopefully there also is some language in your lease that can give you a hing on how this process should work.

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