What is wrong with zillow rental manager?

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What is wrong with zillow rental manager recently?

For a couple of properties the rental listing will not activate - I have tried multiple browsers, operating systems, logging in and out, etc.... Something is wrong on their end and there seems to be no way whatsoever to 

For a property the photos won't post with the ad. I've deleted them, added them back, etc... The show up in the "edit listing" page, but they refuse to show up in the ad.

I cannot change my mobile number anywhere.

I cannot delete a property.

There is no help number to call. They used to have a tech support / help desk line, but now the website says they don't offer that since listing is a free service.

I have put in several tickets for help using a form on their website. No response from them.

I cannot delete my account.

Have they completely gone to hell recently?

Besides craigslist, what other sites work well for landlords used to post properties available for rent?

I used it a few weeks ago with no problems. Zillow, Trulia and Hotpads are combined for rentals-you might try one of the other two? I just tried it and the listing works-at least for me. I am using a macbook pro with Chrome-not Safari. Others are echoing your frustration on Google-I just checked. 

I had problems with them last month. Not all pics uploaded. Add wouldn't show. Difficulty listing, deleting, relisting.

I used successfully last week.

In the past I’ve had issues once.  You can try a different browser or different computer.  Sometimes this will work.  I won’t even try to explain why but with the new mindset of quickly implementing software changes and allowing the users to help QA this is more and more common of an issue.

I'm now having issues with them. I relisted a listing but the price won't update on Zillow. It does on Postlets and Trulia but not on Zillow. It says "Declined" under Zillow because the property is for sale, it cannot be listed for rent and for sale. Except it's not for sale. It's for rent only...I contacted their support yesterday with screenshots and have not heard back yet. To top this off, their search doesn't work worth a damn anymore. They really have gone to hell...

Same with me. Posted a new property for rent.  It got declined. Want to delete and start fresh. Nothing in their help section for something so simple and basic like that.     Sent screenshots/questions to their "contact" twice last week.   Still no reply.   Zillow is sucking in many ways.   Once you post a rental - make sure you never sell it or anything.   Because apparently there's no deleting it and it's part of Zillow for life.