Am I forced to pay in all cash?

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I have no income, but instead a lump sum of cash that I made selling a company. I am currently helping my mother get a mortgage so I will technically share around 220k debt with her, but I have 500k-1m im looking to invest into property. Are there any mortgages available that would let me not show income, but also arent a ton higher when it comes to the rate? I read something about some loans where if you have a 50% LTV they dont ask for income. What would you do in my situation, or is my only option to buy a few properties in cash, establish the income then finance more ?

Easiest way is to stop investing in single family by yourself.

You can partner with other people and have them qualify for the mortgage.  Or, you can get into commercial real estate and let the property qualify for most of the mortgage.

With that kind of money I would find an experienced syndicator and spread the money around in large apartment deals

@Andrew Smith You should look for someone to go into JV. To join a syndication in an equity position in a lot of cases one has to be an accredited investor.

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