Questions about inherited tenants

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Am I able to bill an inherited tenant for damaged incurred in the unit?

 I'm thinking if there is no paper trial that the unit was in "such and such" condition, I will not be able to charge a tenant for damages incurred during their stay. Just wondering if there is an option for this.

Am I able to charge an inherited tenant a fee for not abiding with a policy that exists within their current lease? 

I believe I won't be able to charge them a fee, since the lease itself does not mention the tenant getting a fee. However, the lease does mention that violation is grounds for eviction.

So if the tenant does not abide by the policies stated in the current lease, I will be able to threaten eviction. However, I'm just wanting the tenant to clean up around the deck. It would be nice just to charge them a 25$ fee for not abiding by that particular policy. 

What are your thoughts on this, and how would you handle it? 

As far as the damage in the unit goes, do you have walkthrough papers from the tenant's move-in that may have been transferred to you when you purchased the property, or photos? If not, I don't know that there's much you can do. What is the damage? 

Regarding the deck, I'd send them a warning notice first - via phone call, then a formal written notice explaining consequences backed up by the lease.