Almost ready to rent my first SFH in Albuquerque. Need lease.

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Hello all, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a foreclosure a couple months ago and it is nearly ready for market. There were a few issues to address and I'm doing most of the work myself to keep costs down. We decided to replace the original single pane windows from 1978 since the previous owner decided to upgrade to central air and keep the inefficient windows. Aside from that, the biggest time sink has been wallpaper removal... they certainly loved their wallpaper! :) 

Anyway, I am a couple weeks away from being ready to list the property so now the real work begins. Does anyone have a solid NM lease they can share? I see the BP hasn't provided one for NM yet and I'd like to keep costs down here as well! Thanks for any information. 

Also, any plans from BP to provide a NM lease soon?