Rent by room Kansas city MO

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I can currently looking at purchasing a house in the R-7.5 district of Kansas City, MO. The House is a SFH with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

I am interested in renting out the house with separate per-room leases.  Is this legal and compliant with zoning code in Jackson County MO? 


@Matt Crawford In South KC the zoning allows for 5 unrelated people to live in 1 house. In Grandview, MO it's 3 unrelated people. You may want to verify this— it's been a few years since I looked into it. 

Leases need to be 30 days or longer to comply with new short-term rental legislation that was just finalized for r7.5 and r10. Here's a link for that if you're interested:


Thanks for the info-that is helpful! 

I am aware of the new changes coming to the KC market.   This house actually has separate living quarters and I was actually considering it for short term leasing until I saw this policy coming to effect this fall.